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For Sale: Amanda & Alan’s One Euro Tuscany Renovation Project Goes on the market

In January, British duo Amanda Holden and Alan Carr, graced our screens once again with their delightful antics in "Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job," this time exploring the charming region of Tuscany. And guess what? They weren't just sipping on espresso and enjoying the pasta – they were on a mission to breathe new life into forgotten towns by renovating homes that were going for a steal – just one Euro!

You can still catch all the laughter and renovation drama on BBC iPlayer. Alan, being the master of choice this time, picked a rundown 17th-century townhouse with a medieval watchtower in the quaint hamlet of Fornovolasco, only a stone's throw away from the picturesque town of Lucca.

After a summer of hard work and hilarity, they've listed the property for sale. And let me tell you, it's a stunner! This newly renovated beauty, marketed by Dimore Toscane, is up for grabs at £187,777 (€220,000). Spread across three floors, it boasts all the Tuscan charm with a modern twist – two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen that'll make your heart skip a beat.

The ground floor welcomes you with open arms into a hallway leading to a wine cellar – because, of course, wine is essential in Tuscany! The real magic happens on the second floor, where the kitchen, complete with a Carrara marble island and a wood-burning fireplace, opens up to a balcony and garden. Perfect for whipping up pasta and soaking in the Tuscan sun!

Adjacent to the kitchen is a cozy living room turned home theatre – movie nights just got a whole lot fancier! And let's not forget the top floor, where you'll find two charming bedrooms, each with its own unique flair. The master bedroom even has an ensuite bathroom fit for royalty.

But wait, there's more! The garden, accessible from the kitchen, is a tranquil oasis with a terrace, herb garden, and seating area offering breathtaking views of the river and mountains. It's like living in a postcard!

And it seems like Amanda and Alan's Italian adventures have inspired many to dream of owning their own slice of Tuscany. Rightmove reports a surge in searches for Tuscany and Lucca since the show aired, with viewers itching to experience the magic themselves.

So, if you've ever dreamed of living la dolce vita in Tuscany, now's your chance! Who knows, you might just find your own little piece of Italian paradise, just like Amanda and Alan. Cheers to that!

Photo courtesy of Dimore Toscane via Rightmove


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