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Looking for Insurance Cover & Protection

Impartial advice on a range of insurance policies so you protect your home, your income and your family


Keeping Your Home Safe and Sound with Southern Mortgages

Your home is precious, and we're here to help you protect it. At Southern Mortgages, we offer a variety of insurance options, from Building and Content Insurance to Life Cover, Critical Illness, and Income Protection.


It's like having a safety net for your home and finances. Check out our simple guide below to find the right protection for you!

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Don’t let your finances become an issue when you are at your most vulnerable. As medical treatment advances you are more likely to survive a serious illness. However, this can put a huge strain on you and your family to cover trips to hospital and even time away from work for other family members as a result. Critical Illness cover can pay you a lump sum upon diagnosis of one of the Insurer’s specified Critical Illnesses. Many Critical Illness policies come with an option to include your children as well sometimes without any additional cost. Stay prepared, get in touch and see what deals you can get from our Critical Illness Cover.

Receive tax-free monthly payments from your income protection insurance if you are unable to work due to ill health. So, if you were unable to work and your sick pay ran out from your employer, would you be able to pay your mortgage and household bills? Many of us would not. By taking out an Income Protection Policy you would not need to worry about how you will pay these when you are off work due to long term sickness as you will be able to cover them as the insurer will make a monthly tax free payment dependent on your income. At Southern Mortgages we have access to a variety of Income protection providers that can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your budget and your employee benefits. You may be eligible for unemployment cover too, so get in touch today and see how we can help.

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Father and Daughter

Keep you and your loved ones covered by taking out life cover insurance, and make sure you are always there to catch their fall. Whether you own your own home or not, and especially if you have or are planning to have a family, you should seriously think about taking out Life Insurance. So, that in the event of the inevitable happening, your mortgage outstanding is covered and if you choose your family are provided for. At Southern Mortgages we appreciate it can be difficult discuss and arrange this with loved ones. However, we will support you through process and help you to find the right policy through our large network of insurance companies. Don’t leave it to fate – see how easy it is to have peace of mind.

In the event of a fire, flood or storm you may need to repair or rebuild your house and how would you pay for it? By having Buildings Insurance this will cover all the costs. In fact, all homeowners with a mortgage are required to have Buildings Insurance as your lender will stipulate this in their terms and conditions as they have a legal interest in your property.

As part of our service at Southern Mortgages we have access to several reputable insurance companies and can arrange your Buildings Insurance cover so your house is protected. Stay protected.

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Make sure you cover your home possessions. Whether you are a home owner or a tenant at Southern Mortgages, we would strongly recommend you take out Home Contents Insurance Cover. Although not compulsory we advise all our clients to insure the contents of their home. Enabling you to replace your loved possessions should they be stolen, damaged or destroyed. Please get in touch with us at Southern Mortgages if you would like a quotation.

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