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The mission?

As a local mortgage broker covering Essex and the surrounding areas, our main ambition is to make your mortgage worries disappear, so that you are able to focus on the things that really matter to you. We believe that nothing is better than face-to-face appointments, and we hold our personable service close to our hearts.

Our Team

Our small team of mortgage brokers have huge ideas on the best way to make your mortgage work for you and our aim is to provide nothing less than a first-class service. Whether your looking for a simple repayment mortgage or a specialist loan, we are sure we’ll earn our five stars from you.

Southern Mortgages
Southern Mortgages
Southern Mortgages

Why choose us?


We always aim to provide 5-star advice to each and every one of our customers, ensuring you receive nothing but the best mortgage for your property.


The mortgage process can be complex, so we maintain a friendly professionalism that keeps you up to date whilst making sure you get the best from your mortgage deal.


During the mortgage process there are plenty of policies we can help you with and we will always look to improve your deal long after completion.


With access to whole of market, we have a wide range of mortgage deals available to enable us to find the mortgage that best meets your needs.

We work miracles on your mortgage!

Southern Mortgages

No matter what your situation, here at Southern Mortgages, we aim to work hard on your mortgage plan to get you the best results possible for your circumstances. Below is an example of a mortgage deal that we worked on recently to help our customer manage their finances better.

Interest-only Mortgage

£40,000 - Mortgage Amount still to pay 96£
£33,000 - Unsecured Debts 75£
£1000+ - Monthly Debt Payments (excluding Mortgage) 50£


Repayment Mortgage

Only 1 Unsecured Debt Left 10%
£26,000 available for Home Improvements 60%
£900 - Monthly Payments (including Mortgage) 25%

We also put in place a plan for them to improve their credit rating. So, when the fixed rate deal we have arranged for them runs out in a couple of years’ time, there is every chance that we can move them to a main High Street lender and get them a lower rate… or, more importantly, save them even more every month!

Our Extended Team

In order to help your mortgage process run smoothly, we have teamed up with Ayres & Cruiks and Broker Conveyancing.
Our partnerships ensure that everything from finding your perfect home to sorting the survey arrangements for your property will be an easy and stress-free process. To see more of our appearances in Essex, click here.

Southern Mortgages
Southern Mortgages

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